Sega Disks

Bring Earth back to your home! The compatible discs make your Homestar Sega project Earth, Moon, Andromeda, Fireworks, Hot Air Balloons, and many other scenes onto your ceiling.

These discs have been developed by the Japanese inventor & entrepreneur Takayuki Ohira. Originally, they have only been sold on the Japanese market, but are now also available internationally.

Sega Toys Homestar Comet

Sega Toys Homestar Galaxy

Sega Toys Homestar Four Seasons

Sega Toys Homestar Earth

Sega Toys Homestar Moon

Sega Toys Homestar Solar System

Sega Toys Homestar Northern Constellations

Southern Hemisphere and Warped Andromeda

Day and Night Earth and Moon

Starry Night with Four Seasons


Compatible discs for your Homestar Planetarium

Imagine seeing the sky from a different angle. The dream comes true with the additional discs for the Sega Toys Homestar. The colourful discs let you travel to different places in the universe without leaving your home. Prepare your next astronomical trip to Down-Under, look at the earth or moon during day or night or even approach the Andromeda Galaxy. All this and much more is possible with the numerous additional discs.

Sky Disc 17-Pack

Sky Disc Space Exploration

Sky Disc Jabbah and Associates & Scenic Disc Timber Wolf 

Sky Disc Disappearing Continent & Scenic Disc Galactic Telescopes

Sky Disc A view of the Zodiac

Sky Disc View above La Silla & Scenic Disc Atacama Large Millimetre Array

Sky Disc Immersive Paranal World & Scenic Disc Palms Beach

Sky Disc Annular Solar Eclipse

Sky Disc Total Solar Eclipse 

Sky Disc Solar System

Sky Disc Hot Air Balloon Festival & Scenic Disc Famous Mountains

Sky Disc Grand Fireworks & Scenic Disc Sailing Boats

Sky Disc Flowers and Butterflies

Sky Disc Night Jellyfish

Sky Disc Aurora Australis & Scenic Disc Snow and Ice

Sky Disc Galaxies

Sky Disc Nebulae

Southern Hemisphere and Warped Andromeda

Day and Night Earth and Moon

Sega Toys Homestar Southern Hemisphere

Sega Toys Homestar Northern Constellations