“Nobody had any idea that this kind of a storm was coming.”

Many weather buffs, gardeners, farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, and prospective meteorologists dismiss the generalized predictions based on measurements from distant weather stations. They delight in the power of personally observing and accurately measuring weather conditions in their microclimate. Precise analog and digital weather devices and stations facilitate successful prediction thanks to the weather data collected at their location!

Decorative weather devices like our WEATHER STICKS and EZ WIND VANES provide hands-on weather monitoring of conditions at your house the old fashioned way! Whether it is wind direction and relative speed or chances of precipitation, these will help you make a determination and their simple, interesting, and decorative stories. 

Hot and bothered? When pressured, you can get precise measurements with our thermometers and barometers, and our anemometers make determination of wind velocity and direction a breeze! When your friends and family bow down to you due to your accurate predictions, please show some humidity.


My comb is useless with this humidity. Any suggestions?