Folding Treasure Scoop – 42 inches
Straight Treasure Scoop – 36 inches

TREASURE SCOOPS are the rockhounders delight!

Gone are the days of crawling around on rocky beaches then inventing ways to stand back up without causing permanent damage to life, limb, & knees.

  • Gather your rock treasures on the beach or near the shore without getting your tootsies wet. You can wade in and reach even further into the water for that one-of-a-kind trophy.
    Strap your UV flashlight to the handle in order to illuminate those glowing sodalite rich syenite rocks at night.
    Extend your reach while others watch in awe and envy as you haul in the prize of the day (or night).

It even comes with a short digging probe to dislodge a reluctant target and the folding version comes with a convenient carry bag.