Regional Geology

  • Geology of Michigan – Dorr & Eschman
    Hardbound – published 1970
    This is the classic textbook of Michigan Geology. It thoroughly investigates geologic history from the Precambrian through the modern epoch, and has detailed sections on fossils, rocks, minerals, and how Michigan landforms developed.Size: 8.75 x 11.25″, 475 pp. (#0-472-08280-9)
    Price: $79.99

  • How the Rock Connects Us – Bill Rose and Erika Vye with Valerie Martin
    Softbound – published 2017

    This is the Geoheritage Guide to Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale. The authors delve into geologic development and human prehistory of the Keweenaw Peninsula and Lake Superior. They focus on the major geologic features of the region and how they formed. More recent cultural and industrial activity in the Keweenaw  is examined.Size: 6.0 x 9.0″, 60 pp. (ISBN 978-0-935289-21-3)
    Price: $9.95

  • Annals of the Former World – John McFee
    Softbound – published 1998

    A Pulitzer Prize winner, A. O. Scott of the Village Voice calls it “A deep philology of the continent…surely a classic.” It is a compilation of five of his books: Basin and Range, In Suspect Terrain, Rising from the Plains, Assembling California, and Crossing the Craton. His clear and cogent writing in a truly fascinating subject makes this a must read for those interested in the landforms of the USA.Size: 6.0 x 9.2″, 695 pp. (ISBN 978-0-374518-73-8)
    Price: $22.00