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Updated Policy


The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced adjustments of “business as usual” at Enerdyne.

Safety for you and our staff is our #1 concern.

On Friday, 6-19-2020 we took a major technological step toward cleaner, safer air and surfaces. We hired D&W Mechanical of Traverse City who installed Global Plasma Solutions’ Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization” (NBPI) equipment in Enerdyne’s HVAC system.

Older generation “Corona” bipolar ionization electrical equipment has been available for many years. It clears the air with hydrogen and hydroxide ions formed by ionizing water vapor molecules with electrical emissions. In the process it also ionizes oxygen molecules. The drawback is that oxygen ions can combine with oxygen molecules to produce ozone which has debilitating effects on the respiratory system.

In contrast to round corona ionizers, NBPI needlepoints are tuned to limit electrical emission intensity to levels required to ionize water vapor molecules within the air distribution system without ionizing oxygen molecules and permitting ozone to form.

The water vapor molecules are ionized to form hydroxide and hydrogen ions. The hydroxide ions destroy VIRUSES by removing hydrogen from the coating of the virus causing it to disintegrate.  The hydrogen ions bond on surfaces of ALLERGENSBACTERIA, and other TOXINS to increase their sizes, making them more likely to fall out of the air or to be removed by filtration.

Although no protection is 100%, we are keepIng an environment which protects customers and staff without resorting to toxic cleaning agents or bombarding air, surfaces, and staff with destructive and dangerous ultraviolet light which also creates ozone. Our Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization equipment IS A BIG DEAL!

Please follow this link for more information:

Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization Just Gets Better and Better-HVAC INSIDER


  • SOLCA – Sociedad de Lucia Contra el Cancer del Ecuador
  • NIRSA – Negocios Industriales Real S. A.
  • Harvard University
  • Google
  • USA White House
  • Massage Envy
  • Amalie Arena
  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Qasr Al Watan – Abu Dhabi
  • Novant Health

    If you have not been vaccinated or recently experienced symptoms of respiratory or infectious illness, PLEASE follow these PPE guidelines to insure safety

  • Proper* wearing of masks (not like those worn by Batman, BatgirlRobin, the Lone Ranger, or Zorro whose masks don’t cover their noses & mouths)
  • Hand sanitizing
  • Social distancing

*Coverage of MOUTH and NOSE is necessary and it is courteous. The mouth cover helps to protect others when the symptomatic or asymptomatic mask wearer ejects droplets or aerosols. The nose cover helps to protect the mask wearer from infection because main entryway to the body for the virus is through the olfactory cells lining the nostrils.

We work hard to make shopping safe for you.

As of June 23, we offer these options:

  • Come In! Browse our new products and our old standbys! Visit our play table! Check out our rocks, minerals, and UV glow stones! Peer across Suttons Bay’s bay with the powerful C-5 telescope!
  • Or — Stop by our front door on the new M-22 Sidewalk.   A knowledgeable staff member will consult with you about products that interest you and bring them out for you to examine.
  • Or — Take advantage of our Curbside Pickup  Place an order by phone (231) 271-6033 or email:
  • Or —  UPS or USPS Shipping  Place an order by phone (231) 271-6033 or email: